3 for Tuesday: Great Barrier Reef, Cheetah Cubs and an Aquatic Motorcycle

In this edition of our biweekly family-viewing guide, we’ve got sea creatures, little cheetahs and a motorcycle that thinks it’s a boat.

The Great Barrier Reef — Tuesday, 8 p.m., Animal Planet

Now that winter’s closing in, what better time to take a trip to the shore with this two-hour 2012 documentary, a co-production of the BBC and Animal Planet.

From Animal Planet:

Earth’s largest living structure is also home to the most magical marine environment on the planet, and the Great Barrier Reef, a series of interconnected habitats harboring Earth’s most exotic creatures, spans more than 1,200 miles and is so large it can be seen from space. Animal Planet presents a two-hour special GREAT BARRIER REEF, which takes viewers beneath the Coral Sea and provides an inside look at this ever-changing natural miracle that’s abundant with stunning, untouched islands, coral cays and spectacular marine life.


Nature: The Cheetah Children, Wednesday, 8 p.m., PBS

From PBS:

Life on the African plains is a constant struggle, and for a single mother rearing her offspring, the odds seem to be stacked against them. This is an inspiring tale about motherhood and family, as we follow a cheetah family on the grasslands through the eyes of conservationist and cameraman Kim Wolhuter. The mother is completely on her own, protecting her five newborn cubs and teaching them how to hunt some of the continent’s fastest game. Watch as the inquisitive cubs explore the world around them and discover their place in the forests of Zimbabwe. Over time, two sister cubs survive and develop into brave and successful predators ensuring their species will give birth to another generation.

The film will be available to stream the following day via pbs.org/nature and PBS OTT apps.

Mythbusters: Men, Women and Motorcycles — Thursday, 8 p.m., Discovery

It’s a full night busted, with a three-hour episode of the show in which special-effects experts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage and their team run experiments to see whether things we believe to be true actually ARE true.

From Discovery:

Jamie puts his life on the line to test the myth that a motorcycle traveling at highway speeds can drive across the surface of a lake. The Mythbusters also test out gendered cliches, and then test bathroom cleanliness with public bathroom stalls.

Image: Courtesy PBS

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