3 for Tuesday: ‘The Middle’ Halloween, Otters, Puppies and … Play Ball!

Happy Tuesday! Here’s our latest round-up of family-suitable shows airing between Tuesday and Thursday — and you don’t even need to watch them on the Internet (unless you really want to, of course).

All times Eastern.

The Middle: Halloween VIII – Orson Murder Mystery — Tuesday, 8 p.m., ABC

The beloved ABC sitcom about a Midwestern family — with Catholic Patricia Heaton playing the matriarch, Frances “Frankie” Heck — is currently airing its ninth and last season, including a special Halloween episode. It involves Frankie, husband Mike (Neil Flynn), sons Axl and Brick (Charlie McDermott), daughter Sue (Eden Sher) and Axl’s girlfriend Lexie (Daniela Bobadilla).

From ABC:

As Halloween approaches, Frankie discovers that a woman had died in the bathtub of the Heck house close to 50 years ago; Frankie and Brick become convinced that she was murdered and, much to Mike’s chagrin, attempt to track down and find the murderer. Meanwhile, Axl and Lexie become frustrated over losing their alone time when Sue insists on hanging out with them wherever they go.

Here’s a peek at the Season 8 “Farewell Season” trailer:

Nature: Charlie & the Curious Otters — Wednesday, 8 p.m., PBS

(Check local listings for time and date in your area. The film will be available to stream the following day for four weeks via pbs.org/nature and PBS OTT apps.)

From PBS:

How otters are able to operate so successfully on both land and in water has fascinated wildlife filmmaker Charlie Hamilton James for years, so he decided to see what he could learn from studying several species around the world to discover their survival secrets.

The program focuses on efforts to rehabilitate three orphaned river otters in Wisconsin, shows some ground breaking experiments using cool cameras and anatomical CGI, and captures other wild encounters.

At the Wild Instincts Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Charlie is introduced to three orphan river otter pups and films their progress and training:  from needing around the clock care and feeding, to being taught the crucial skills they will need in order to return to the wild. Despite the fact otters can swim nearly a quarter mile without coming up for air, baby otters do not start out as natural swimmers and they don’t really like water. So the center’s manager Mark Naniot assumes the roles of surrogate mother and teacher. Charlie films him coaxing the pups into a small pool for swimming lessons and later adding minnows which the orphans instinctively chase and catch.

Too Cute: OMG! Puppy Power — Wednesday, 8 p.m., Animal Planet

Who doesn’t love watching puppies grow up? OK, I’m sure there’s someone out there, but for the rest of us, there’s this puppy adventure, with some OMG! extras thrown in.

From Animal Planet:

Little Roo is the smallest of a litter of Beagles, but proves to his sisters that he is top dog. A litter of super fluffy Bichon Frise pups follow mom’s path to show dog stardom. And in a litter of twelve Doberman Pinschers, one pup stands out.

Take a peek:


The 2017 World Series — Tuesday, 8 p.m., Fox

Baseball swings into the Fall Classic, as the Houston Astros — pride of the storm-battered Texas city — take on the City of Angels’ hometown heroes, the Los Angeles Dodgers, in the World Series.

For lots of families in the U.S. — hit by hurricanes, floods and fires — the great American pastime could be a great unifying force (and an excuse for hot dogs and popcorn together, on the sofa or, if you’re very lucky, in the ballpark).

Speaking of weather, heat and Santa Ana winds are battering Southern California, so triple-digit temperatures could greet the players and crowd at Dodger Stadium.

From AccuWeather:

“Games 1 and 2 could be the hottest world series games on record at the time of first pitch,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dan Pydynowski said.

moderate Santa Ana event will be responsible for the heat this week. While the area around Dodger Stadium is sheltered, winds will still be gusty and can swirl around through the park.

It’s not that the Astros aren’t used to playing in toasty temps, but at least L.A. doesn’t have Houston’s humidity. As we like to say out here — it’s a dry heat!

Image: Courtesy ABC

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