5 Faithful, Inspirational Videos — From Bob Dylan to Salve Regina to Pentatonix

Salve-Regina-CFRRecently, my boss here at Family Theater Productions, Father David Guffey, C.S.C., asked each of us to come up with a list of videos that we found particularly compelling or inspirational.

When I looked at my own list, I realized not all the videos are the same — and one of them is from a secular singing group — but they do have things in common.

  • They are bold in their message.
  • Most of them are beautiful to look at.
  • They all place the Church, or the Christian message in general, squarely in the path of popular culture, without either denigrating the culture or degrading the Faith.
  • They speak truths and Truth.
  • They evangelize. (Bishop Barron often says that a young man found his Dylan video, then found more videos, then catechesis — eventually becoming Catholic.)

Which videos inspire you?


Image: Spirit Juice/Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

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