A New Way to Help Teens, Elev8 Them!


Many people worry about the state of youth in our country, what influences them, what guides them, what pressures them, what morality forms them? In the days of Miley Cyrus and the Kardashians, it’s no wonder that people are concerned about teens’ role models and morality. So what can be done? Well, one solution is to elevate them! And more specifically connect them with Elev8-X (pronounced Elevate X). This non-profit teen integrity program uses live performances, testimonies, multi-media and videos to encourage young people to make positive moral choices. Currently, their live programs have reached more than 10,000 youth. Elev8 guides and inspires young people through contemporary methods and a “hip, cool” style as Elev8 want teens to know that their message is “real, relatable and relevant.” In their own words, Elev8-X is a “groundbreaking teen integrity program, impacting students across the nation. ELEV8-X is a highly EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL, and ENTERTAINING conglomerate of talented young people contributing their talents to better America’s youth. Topics include: Anti-Bullying, Self-worth, Anti-Substance Abuse, and Waiting Until Marriage.” To check them out on-line go to http://elev8-x.org/ or find them on Facebook at Elev8-X.  As content creators ourselves, we are encouraged to see others use new media to spread these positive and powerful messages.

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