Ancient Texts Coming On-Line: Vatican Digitizing 82,000 Works from Its Library

Within the confines of Vatican City are documents from the second to the twenty-first centuries collected and preserved by the Catholic Church.  Because of their age and value, many of the books have been carefully guarded with limited access.   Within two years, anyone with a computer will be abel to access them for free.    The documents are being professionally scanned and then will be made available through a Vatican Website.  According to Rome Reports, the project is being done in collaboration with a Japanese IT company.

For Catholics, the search for knowledge is an inherent part of the Christian Faith.   The documents will hopefully help people explore our past and the ways that God’s grace works in history, culture and science.  As Pope John Paul II says in  Gift and Mystery: On the 50th Anniversary of My Priestly Ordination:

“Thanks to meetings and discussions with experts in the natural sciences, with physicists and biologists as well as with historians, I have learned to appreciate the importance of those other branches of knowledge which involve the scientific disciplines; these are likewise capable of attaining the truth from different perspectives. The splendor of the truth–Veritatis Splendor–constantly needs to accompany them, enabling people to meet, to exchange ideas, and to enrich one another.”