Bishop Barron Says to Lead With Beauty, Even in Social Media


A few statistics, from Bishop Robert Barron, one of the great contemporary media evangelists:

“More people in the world own a cellphone than own a toothbrush …”

“A billion people log onto Facebook every day … the average Facebook user logs in 14 times a day …”

“Every Sunday in the U.S., five times as many Catholics log into Facebook as attend Mass …”

“Users send five hundred million tweets per day …”

“Users watch more than four billion video views per day, on YouTube …”

Once upon a time, Catholic monks illuminating manuscripts by hand was the new media. Heck, there was a time that etching cuneiform characters onto stone tablets was the new media.

There is no media — new, old or in-between — that’s not appropriate for the Catholic Church. In this keynote address at the University of Mary’s Vocations Jamboree, held on March 30, 2016, the Los Angeles Auxiliary bishop explains the humble origins of his own media aposolate, Word on Fire, and then talks about the absolute imperative for Catholic evangelists to use all forms of new media.

Enjoy … and as Bishop Barron says, “The good evangelist should lead with the beautiful”:

Image: CNS photo/Jeffrey Bruno

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