Bishop Barron, the HS Kids and YouTube: A Match Made in Heaven

Today, the loveliest thing happened on YouTube and Twitter. Betcha don’t hear that often, right?

Students, alumni and faculty of Bishop Sullivan High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, created a YouTube video in an attempt to reach L.A.’s Bishop Robert Barron.

The plan was to share it on Twitter and encourage influencers to retweet it, in hopes that Barron would agree to be the final judge of a video contest in the school.

Take a look:

Published on YouTube April 11, the video was tweeted out on April 12.

Responses came in quickly, including this one from Catholic University of America Associate Professor of Systematic Theology Dr. Chad Pecknold, who got a shout-out in the video:

We also RTed it, hoping to eventually get some of these kids as college interns!

It didn’t take long for the students to get a response from their target:

The teacher responded (including a thank-you to Fr. Goyo Hildalgo, one of our favorite priests (and a great Twitterer), from St. Rose of Lima in Simi Valley, California, just north of Los Angeles (BTW, we follow Mr. Goerke now):

And then the school, with some video gratitude:

Of course, Bishop Barron really got his start as a public evangelist on YouTube, which is owned by Google. Late last month, Barron visited Google’s headquarters, the Googleplex, in Mountain View, California, to deliver a talk called “Religion and the Opening Up of the Mind,” in which he discussed the connection between our desire for quick answers and the question of God. More on that here.

Then, Barron visited YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California (prior to the horrific shooting there), and posted this video summarizing his Googleplex talk.

As the “bishop of the Internet,” as the Bishop Sullivan students called him, it’s fitting that Barron visited Google and YouTube, and that the students used YouTube and Twitter to ask him to judge a video contest.

The next time someone tells you that social media is an unredeemable swamp, remember this day.

Image: Courtesy World on Fire (YouTube screenshot)

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