Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire Interviews Our Own Kaiser Johnson

This fall, actor and Spartan racer Kaiser Johnson (“Vampire Diaries,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Team Spartan”) makes his co-hosting debut, with Libby Slater, in Family Theater Productions’ YouTube series, “Catholic Central.”

Intended for teens and young adults, the short (less than 10 minutes) episodes explore all aspects of the Faith. Here’s how it’s described on the official Website (where you can sign up for the latest information and watch a trailer):

“Catholic Central” offers entertaining and authoritative answers to your questions about Catholic thought, spirituality and practice. To do that, we’ve assembled a team of witty writers, appealing hosts and learned theologians to produce a collection of videos that entertain, enlighten and inspire.

Here’s a shot of Johnson and Slater on set, during production of an early episode:


This isn’t the first Catholic project that Johnson has done. A few years ago, he appeared in “Young Catholic Minute” on EWTN, and most recently, he returned to that network, playing Friedrich Nietzche on “Saints vs. Scoundrels.”

He’s also the head of the Hollywood Chesterton Society, an offshoot of the American Chesterton Society — a group dedicated to the life, works and sainthood campaign of Catholic writer G.K. Chesterton — and the co-creator, with Slater, of an upcoming online sketch-comedy show called “Butch Duotang.”

On May 8, the blog of Los Angeles Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire published an interview with Johnson, who discusses his love of obstacle-course racing (click here for our Facebook video page, where we feature a couple short videos with him on the same subject), G.K. Chesterton and acting.

Check out some excerpts:

I think all the lessons one learns in physical fitness tie into faith. I’ve learned self-discipline, the importance of a daily practice, the constant need to grow and adapt, the value of enduring suffering and deprivation of consolation… heck, in analyzing what is going well or needs to change in my training, I almost go through a type of examination of conscience!

I began acting in 6th grade, in school plays and the like, but it’s really only in recent years that I’ve gotten to do it professionally. My first piece of advice would be: don’t do it. My second piece of advice would be: don’t do it. My third piece of advice is: okay, if you are willing to have the very smallest part of your career as an actor actually be acting, are an absolute glutton for hard work with little discernable payoff, have an actual talent that others consistently mention, and are willing to do whatever you can to grow and foster that talent, then start considering it. I’m sure that sounds harsh, but the fact of it is, many people try to break into acting for the wrong reasons (or at least unsustainable ones), and they only realize it a ways down the road, when they could have been spending their time more profitably.

[Chesterton] has a beautiful way of reminding me all the things I’ve forgotten I’ve always believed, and sharing them in a beautiful way that makes me grateful for all the small things in life.

Click here to read the whole thing.

Images: Family Theater Productions

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