‘Carpool Karaoke’ Spoof With Chicago Cubs Fan Rockford Bishop (Plus ‘Go, Cubs, Go!’)

carpool-karaoke-with-bishop-molloyIn his wildly popular “Carpool Karaoke” segments on CBS’ “The Late Late Show,” host James Corden takes a variety of celebrities on a ride, singing along with them to their songs and others (like many folks are known to do on long car rides).

On Nov. 1, the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois, posted an 8-minute video spoofing Corden’s idea, which premiered at a recent teen summit. From the Rockford Register Star:

The video, now on YouTube, features the Rev. Keith Romke of St. Bridget Catholic Church in Loves Park and the Rev. Kyle Manno of St. Patrick Parish in St. Charles — sometimes wearing sunglasses — as well as Bishop David Malloy of the Diocese of Rockford. They’re purportedly on their way to the summit.

The video also allows viewers to “get insight into (the bishop’s) life,” Todora said. Malloy tells Romke and Manno in the car that he wanted to be a doctor when he was young but has been happy as a priest for 29 years and a bishop for four years.

Part of the video’s purpose is to help teens understand any callings to be a priest or sister in the church.

We also learn that Bishop Molloy declares himself a Cubs fan (and that was before the team’s historic World Series win on Nov. 2 — the Feast of All Souls, with Catholic Bill Murray in attendance). He discusses it at the 5:44 mark, and then the trio launches into the champions’ signature song, “Go, Cubs, Go!”


So, did the bishop’s prayers help the Cubs win it all? To quote the famous “Blues Brothers” movie, set in Chicago, was the team on a mission from God?

We report; you decide.

(Hint: God doesn’t care who wins games; He only cares about the extent to which a win, or even a loss, brings us closer to Him.)

Images: Courtesy Diocese of Rockford

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