Changes in the Ways Shows Get to Audiences

House of Cards recently received nine Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and it made history.  It is the first series to be nominated without having appeared on a traditional broadcast or cable network, instead it was released entirely by Netflix and in its entirety rather than one show at a time.

Kevin Spacey plays the lead role of a complex political figure, but he also is one of the Executive Producers of the the show.  In the video above he describes the changes happening in the ways that series are made and distributed.   The rapidly evolving media landscape will frighten many, but will effect everyone in the industry.  In any era where new paradigms  are developing  there will be opportunities.

Could this be a model for makers of faith based and family media who often have a hard time getting network attention?

Last month at Family Theater, we had a test screening of a pilot for a new comedy series Wassup in LA, created by Carlos De La Vega and Rudolpho Zalez.   As I talked with people leaving the test group, almost all said they wanted to see more of the series and would watch it in the future.  Hopefully it will get picked up by a traditional network.  If not, maybe the new avenues of production and distribution would open to them.