Christian Audiences Help Propel Man of Steel to a $125 Million Opening Weekend


Man of Steel












You would have had to have lived under a rock to not know the Superman Movie, Man of Steel, was coming.  Warner Brothers spent a rumored $150 million on marketing the latest film version of the iconic super hero.    

In addition to partnerships and tie-ins with  over 100 companies the likes of The National Guard, Gillette, Noika, Windows Pane, and Carls Junior, Warner Brothers also marketed the film to Christian leaders with advance screenings for clergy and even special sermon notes to use in preaching Gospel themes with the movie’s imagery.

Christians will notice Christological references in the film.    He is sent as a child to earth by a benevolent father.   On earth he is adopted by a mother and father, who love and protect him and recognize the gift he will be to the world.  Clark comes of age, the movie take up his story when he is 33.   His early life is marked not so much by his amazing physical powers as by his humble restraint in the face of teasing and bullying.   When he fights against evil, it is no hold barred.

Like so many other films of this summer, there is an element of alien apocalypse.  An evil force from outside is trying to destroy us so that it can take over.  Zed, the arch-villain wreaks destruction on Metropolis that makes 9-11 look tame.

The themes resonated not only with Christians but with audiences worldwide.  It earned $125 million in its opening weekend, making it the largest June opening weekend in history.