“Christmas for a Dollar”, Worth it!

Christmas for a Dollar

Coming out in time for the holiday season, Christmas for a Dollar is a family and faith friendly movie that is already available on DVD and will be aired on the UP! Network on December 15th at 7pm. Now you may be wondering if this is one of those sugary, feel-good movies that shamelessly tugs at your heartstrings. And it is! But it knows that and it nails its genre. While the movie may not be nominated for any Oscars it delivers a wholesome, heartwarming story, with great values, legitimately touching and funny moments,   and a happy holiday ending that just might make Ebenezer Scrooge smile. Christmas for a Dollar tells the tale of a family living during the Great Depression and they face their first Christmas after the loss of their mother. While money is tight, the father, played by Brian Krause, puts up a dollar for each of the children to borrow from so they can get, or make, a gift for a sibling they drew in a Secret Santa fashion. In the effort of creating Christmas on a budget, the children learn the value of honesty, gratitude and reaching out to those in need – whether it’s the financially or emotionally poor.  The film also stars well known TV stars such as Nancy Stafford. A “congratulations” is in order for Paulist Productions, a faith-based media company, like our own, who co-produced this film.  An interesting fact is that Paulist Productions is a Catholic sponsored ministry but their production partners are Mormon, making this possibly one of season’s few inter-faith based films.  What better way to celebrate the birth of our savior than with a truly Christian story made by companies who were able to work together, seeing past what divides us and focusing instead on what we have in common.

 brian-krause-for-cover   Nancy Stafford