Cinedigm’s Dove Channel Becomes the Largest Faith-Based Streaming Service

Dove-Channel-LogoPreviously, we reported on UP Network’s new family focus, and on PureFlix’s subscription video-on-demand service, which offer more options to people seeking family-suitable and faith-friendly fare.

Now, independent content distributor Cinedigm has significantly expanded the catalog of its Netflix-like Dove Channel — available online, on mobile devices, and on Roku — with the acquisition of the assets of, making Dove into the largest faith-based streaming service.

Said BusinessWire:

Consisting of over 1,700 titles of faith & family friendly movies, television series, children’s programming, and educational content, the library is comprised of content from over 30 providers including Nelvana, MVD Entertainment Group, Organa, TMW Media Group, Marble Media, and Legend Films, among others. The library includes beloved classics like THE SHIRLEY TEMPLE SHOW and GUMBY’S CHRISTMAS CAPERS, as well as fun, kid-friendly series including THE WHEELS ON THE BUS, DINOTOPIA mini-series and GUMBY’S BEST EPISODES. Also included are family films such as THE YEARLING, THE JACKIE ROBINSON STORY, SAVANNAH SMILES and A HORSE FOR DANNY.

Additionally, in support of Dove Channel’s home-schooling initiative, the library brings hundreds of hours of educational content across a wide variety of subjects ranging from History, Geography and Math to English Literature, including Shakespeare’s stage play portfolio.

Combined with current and recently acquired titles, Dove Channel’s library of over 3,600 available titles will now rank as the largest library of faith & family friendly content in the OTT marketplace. Cinedigm will make the programming available on Dove Channel over the next several months.

“Our mission with Dove Channel has always been to provide a safe, curated environment for families to enjoy watching together,” said Erick Opeka, EVP of Digital Networks. “The addition of’s content fulfills that mission, gives our customers an incredible selection to choose from, and helps us further our goal of adding great new content to Dove each week.”

Film Producers Brigham and Noah Sunday founded in 2013, with the mission of providing families with movies and shows that would entertain, inspire, uplift, and strengthen values.

“Our mission at Dove is so closely aligned with that we felt compelled to find a way to join forces,” said Bill Sondheim, President of Cinedigm Entertainment. “The more we evaluated the offering, it became very apparent to Brigham that Dove Channel offered a very sophisticated technology platform and advanced user experience that would better and more quickly allow Brigham’s mission to be fulfilled.”

“My brother and I created with the hopes of strengthening the family through positive media,” said Brigham Sunday. “We are thrilled to be able to share our library of films with the Dove Channel as it will allow so many more families around the world to view great family entertainment.”

Dove Channel screens and curates content, along with offering robust family controls and filters.

From USA Today:

The subscription service, which launches Tuesday  on, is curated by The Dove Foundation, a non-profit that for nearly 25 years has produced its own movie reviews based on Judeo-Christian values.

“Dove Channel takes The Dove Foundation’s mission to the next level by transitioning from providing consumers information about values-based content to providing them direct access,” said Dick Rolfe, CEO and co-founder of the Wyoming, Mich.-based group, in an email exchange. “We believe Dove Channel will demonstrate a greater demand for Dove-approved entertainment, which will in turn, increase the production of family-friendly content.”

There’s plenty of great content out there, but it takes a dedicated curator like Dove Channel to sort it, screen it and bring it together in one place, so that families can trust the values expressed. In our multichannel world, where programmers — including such kid-oriented channels as Disney and Nickelodeon — are increasingly pushing a progressive agenda, safe spaces like Dove are going to be more and more valuable.

Image: Courtesy Dove Channel

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