Disney’s Frozen, a great Holiday Family Film, Will Melt Your Heart

elsa and anna

Disney’s latest animated film, Frozen, is easily one of my favorite Disney films ever made.  As someone who would do anything for my own sister, I could relate to the relationship between the two heroines of the movie, Elsa and Anna.  Anna is played by the talented Kristen Bell and Elsa is played by the legendary Idina Menzel.

Elsa and Anna were close as children.  Elsa has a heavy cross that she must bear in life.  Due to a childhood accident that injured her beloved sister, Elsa decides that it would be best for Anna if she keeps to herself and pushes Anna away.

What Elsa doesn’t understand is that our crosses were not meant to be carried alone.  When we go it alone, we end up isolated, unhappy, and frozen.   We are called to help each other carry our crosses in life.  Even Jesus had help carrying his cross.  That is what sacrificial love is all about.

Anna too must learn what sacrificial love is all about.  Her limited experience has taught her that true love is when a prince shows up to marry you.  While married love can and should be sacrificial, there is a deeper meaning to true love.  As Olaf, the lovable snowman built by Elsa, reminds us “True Love is about putting the needs of another over the needs of yourself”.

The bond of love shown between these two sisters is one of the best depictions of familial love that I have seen on the big screen.  Honestly, I was so moved, I cried.  The love between sisters can be great and the sacrificial love shown between Elsa and Anna will melt even the most frozen of hearts.

My Sister and I, Christmas Morning, 1998