Eduardo and Mother Dolores Hart

Prayer and Pasta with Mother Dolores Hart (9)








Mother Dolores Hart, the Prioress of a cloistered community of Benedictine nuns in Bethlehem, Ct, was not always a nun. She starred with Elvis Presley in Where the Boys Are. Here she is 50 years after she abruptly abandoned a promising Hollywood career.

She returned to Hollywood twice this year, first to walk the Red Carpet at the Academy Awards in February. A documentary film of her life, God is the Bigger Elvis,  was nominated for an Oscar. She returned to Hollywood a second time in June as part of a book tour promoting her autobiography, The Ear of the Heart. She inspired young Hollywood with her personal witness and charming presence.

Here she is pictured at Family Theater Productions with Catholic film actor Eduardo Verastegui, star of “Bella.” What a joy to stand with these two good actors and disciples of the Lord.