‘Faith in Media’: Father Tony Ricard and Sister Nancy Usselmann Talk Media Evangelization

Faith-in-Media-Evangelizaton-Father-Tony-Ricard-Sister-Nancy-UsselmannIn the next two installments from our “Faith in Media” series, we look at using modern media to evangelize. While some Catholics shy away from mass media and popular culture, if you plan to reach people where they are, you’re doing it wrong.

As the Apostles used the Roman roads and all the available tools in their day to get the Word out, it’s incumbent on us to figure out not only how to use media to spread the Gospel, but to unearth all the places in existing media where a seed of faith can be found.

First up is Father Tony Ricard of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, a dynamic speaker and media evangelist, or, as his Twitter account describes him, “A gifted teacher and anointed preacher.” In particular, he talks about what St. Paul might be saying if he were around today, which is “get a camera, and I need wi-fi” …

Next is Sister Nancy Usselmann of the Daughters of Saint Paul, the new national director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies. She seeks to develop a theology of popular culture and “becoming cultural mystics,” inspired by Bishop Robert Barron, and encompassing everything from movies to songs by Eminem and Yelawolf …

More to come!

Images: Courtesy Fr. R. Tony Ricard; Sister Nancy Usselmann

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