‘Faith in Media’: Honoring Don Bosco With Patrick Coffin and Joseph Nesta on Media Evangelization

Don-Bosco-Joseph-Nesta-Patrick-Coffin-ffbJan. 31 is the feast day of Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco, also known as Saint John Bosco, also known as Don Bosco, an Italian priest, educator and writer during the 19th century.

He was famous for educating street children and troubled youth in Turin, Italy — and he’s the patron of apprentices, schoolchildren and youth — but because of his love of learning, he’s also the patron of editors and publishers.

If Don Bosco were alive today, like modern editors and publishers, he’d certainly be on the Internet, and maybe radio and television as well.

As part of our ongoing “Faith in Media” interview series, here are a couple more media pros, continuing the conversation (started in this post, with speaker and evangelist Father Tony Ricard, and “media nun” Sister Nancy Usselmann of the Daughters of Saint Paul) about using modern media to evangelize.

First up is Joseph Nesta, the senior community relations officer for Catholic radio network Immaculate Heart Radio. Among his topics is the ongoing relevance of one of the older mass-media technologies, radio, and how it impacts people even today.

Then we have Patrick Coffin. He’s a cradle Catholic, an author, speaker and radio host — for many years, he was the host of “Catholic Answers Live” — and now has embarked on a solo venture at www.PatrickCoffinmedia, featuring news and a podcast. He emphasizes that everyone can have an impact, even if they’re just doing it as an individual.

More from these media pros in a later post!

Images: Courtesy Family Theater Productions, Wikimedia Commons

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