Family Website Review: What’s Up Moms?

A great Mom who created a great website

A great Mom who created a great website

The What’s up Moms? website breaks every mom-stereotype and creates a haven of humor for mothers who are seeking a refuge from judgments and self-inflicted high standards, all the while giving them useful tips on how to become better Mommies.

Elle, the founder and main mom, is “passionate about filmmaking and finding ways to be a great mom”-as she says at the start of every clip. She is the new “Everyman,” or shall we say, “Everymom.”  At a time when motherhood is sometimes considered inferior to having career, Elle and her friends show us that being a great Mom is a great life – that having a social life and balance is necessary to being a great mommy.  You see them going to YouTube conventions, going on friend dates and concerts, and working from home around the kids’ sleep schedules.    Elle makes a convincing case that it’s one of the most fulfilling job a woman could have.

Her YouTube Channel is made up of very creative and entertaining videos of all genres, from parodies of popular songs to clever home-made short films;  from arts and crafts to cooking segments; and videos pertaining to everything a mom needs to know from keeping a routine,  brushing a toddlers’ teeth,  keeping an organized car, and celebrating holidays and traditions.  The Dads also join in on the fun.  No, they are NOT made to look like buffoons, but like the heroic lovers, providers, and amazing babysitters that they are.All the family gets in the shot

“Late for Preschool” is one of Elle’s most viewed clips, and my personal favorite.  It shows Elle trying to get her daughter Presley to pre-school on time but getting stuck in a “Ground Hog’s Day”/”Edge of Tomorrow” kind of time-vortex.  She will have to relive that morning until she gets every part of her routine perfect.  This clip combines Elle’s two passions very effectively – as does the “Home Backwards” video  where she goes as far as learning a song backwards in order to make the special effects work.

While some of her earlier segments, like  “How to get hit on while pregnant”, slightly pushes the envelope, the Catholic spirit of motherhood abounds.  She doesn’t talk about religion, however her motherhood seems to be pushing her in the direction of virtue.  In the Halloween segment, she mourns the death of her partying days.  While She is pregnant with Ford and Presley is 2, she marries their Dad making her “unofficial husband” official. But at the start of that clip she states: “I think you should go in the correct order for SO many reasons maybe the silliest of which is that it’s really, really hard to plan a wedding once you have a baby.”

The success of this channel is staggering, advertisers line up for Elle to endorse their brands.  The record breaker with over 16 million views, is “I’m so Pregnant” – a parody of Iggy Azalea’s “I’m so Fancy”.  It features Meg while she is 9 months pregnant, making light of the discomforts of pregnancy. In an age when there seems to be so many attacks on the family, it is so great to know that there are more than 200,000 subscribers.

Only moms can understand how tough it is putting up with sleep deprivation, crazy routines, and difficulties, but from that comes the greatness of the life.  You make a mistake, you laugh, you learn, and if you are like Elle, you chronicle it with a video-selfie, you add a little mommy-magic (which sometimes involves a special effect or two), you post it on line so other moms will benefit, and you become a YouTube sensation in the process… :-)