Halloween for Kids: Monsters, Kratts, Cat in the Hat & Veggie Tales

Wild Kratts: Creepy Creatures

Halloween prep for most families is well underway. This holiday provides a lot of opportunity for family bonding through decorating, planning costumes, visiting the pumpkin patch and watching Halloween-themed programming. However, for little kids, much of the available content can be too scary. Because of that, we’re providing a handful of viewing options that even the youngest of children can enjoy without worry …

Brand New!

Super Monsters Save HalloweenNetflix, began streaming 10/5

Created this year with the low “scare-threshold” of little kids in mind, Super Monsters Save Halloween is a sweet 24-minute special about getting everyone into the Halloween spirit and understanding that there’s really nothing to be afraid of.

Wild Kratts Halloween Movie: Creepy Creatures – Online and at the PBS KIDS Video App, began streaming 10/22

In an all-new movie special, the Kratt Brothers find themselves trying to figure out the best way to celebrate Halloween. In true Wild Kratts fashion, they decide that discovering some new creepy creatures is the best idea. But along the way, they run into some trouble that threatens to ruin Halloween.

Also check out all-new Halloween episodes of Ready Jet Go (started streaming 10/15, and online) and Pinkalicious & Peterrific (started streaming 10/22, and online) on the PBS KIDS Video App.

Returning Favorites

Room on the BroomNetflix, Amazon Prime

A kind witch, with her cat in tow, is on her broom and in search of a few lost items. In this 25 minute movie (released in 2012, but based on the 2003 book by Julia Donaldson), the good witch offers rides to a dog, a bird and a frog, who help her along the way. Though her cat is annoyed, everyone learns the benefit of including others when all the creatures band together to overcome a serious obstacle.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About HalloweenAmazon Prime, the PBS KIDS Video App

First released in 2016, this one-hour special from the The Cat in the Hat Knows A lot About That! series, takes main characters Nick, Sally and their friend Fish on a crazy adventure (with mom’s permission!) to find Halloween costumes. Tackling the subject of being scared, the Martin Short-voiced Cat teaches the kids about its benefits and some antidotes too.

Religious Pick

VeggieTales: Where’s God When I’m ScaredYouTube

Though the animation is simplistic and will look dated to you, this VeggieTales episode provides a great lesson and a new game plan for young children who are having trouble dealing with the scary sights and sounds of Halloween and spooky things in general.

Here’s the whole thing:

Image: Courtesy PBS Kids

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