Jim Caviezel On Faith, Courage, Passion and ‘Paul, Apostle of Christ’

Recently, here at Family Theater Productions, we played host to filmmakers Andrew Hyatt and T.J. Berden from the upcoming Sony/AFFIRM film, “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” hitting theaters on March 23.

They sat down for a video interview (watch this space for that), and talked to a group of local Catholic friends, filmmakers and industry pros. The duo then returned the next night for a special screening of the movie.

More about the film closer to premiere, but it’s a look at the last days of Paul’s life, when he’s imprisoned in Rome, with flashbacks to his earlier life as Saul of Tarsus, fierce persecutor of Christians, and to his conversion on the road to Damascus.

Playing the title character is British actor James Faulkner, whom both Hyatt and Berden told me has the “best beard on film.”

Judge for yourself:

Faulkner’s joined by Jim Caviezel, star of “The Passion of the Christ,” returning to his first Bible film since that one, playing the Greek physician and Gospel writer Luke.

For a lot of actors, playing this kind of a part is just another acting job, but not for Caviezel.

Here’s his surprise address to the young attendees at SLS18 in January, a leadership conference sponsored by FOCUS, the Fellowship of Catholic University Students. He talks about faith, courage, leadership, freedom and the real physical cost of following (and playing) Christ.

Prepare to be inspired:

Images: YouTube Screenshot; Courtesy Sony/AFFIRM

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