Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Story About His Infant Son’s Surgery

In an emotional, tearful monologue that opened the May 1 edition of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the new father — whose son William (“Billy”) was born to him and wife Molly, a co-head writer on the show, on April 21 — revealed the terrifying events that followed the blessed event.

Delivered at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, the infant was discovered to have a serious heart condition, and was taken to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for surgery.

As you can see from this picture, Billy is home and doing well.

But you’d better get a hankie before watching the video below.

As Kimmel said, “We had atheists praying for us. We had people who don’t even believe in God praying to Him.”

As for the show, said The Hollywood Reporter:

Without any sort of announcement or fanfare, Kimmel quietly went to repeats last week when his son was still in the hospital. Assuming there isn’t a writers’ strike, he will go out on paternity leave for the remainder of this week. If there is a work stoppage, the ABC late night show, like those at the other networks, is expected to go dark.

In his stead, Kimmel’s friends have lined up to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live. Will Arnett is set for Tuesday’s show, with a special appearance from his Gong Show host Tommy Maitland.Anthony Anderson is on board for Wednesday, while Kristen Bell and David Spade will takeover on Thursday and Friday, respectively. The guest list for the week includes Maya Rudolph, Charlie Hunnam, Adam Scott and Guy Richie.

Although he doesn’t discuss it often, Kimmel was raised a Catholic, and I’m pretty sure a few novenas and rosaries are being said for his son.

And, as he urged, if you want to donate to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, just click here.

UPDATE: On May 2, Kimmel posted this to Twitter, showing wife Molly, baby Billy and big sister Jane …

Image: Courtesy ABC/YouTube screenshot

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