Learn How to Get Animated for Free With ‘Pixar in a Box’


Online learning hub Khan Academy has teamed up with Disney-owned animation studio Pixar to offer a free online course that teaches the basics of computer animation.

The video episodes of Pixar in a Box demonstrate how Pixar animators use concepts from computer science and math to bring a story and characters drawn on paper to life.

Included in the self-paced curriculum are Rigging, which shows how controls make characters move; Environment Modeling, where parabolic arcs create the blades of grass in “Brave”; Character Modeling, showing how weighted averages help turn clay models into digital characters; Animation, the fine art of curves; Crowds, which explores how “combinatorics” can create swarms of characters;  Sets & Staging, with geometry allowing for the building of virtual sets; and Rendering, showing how algebra allows pixels to be painted.

Pixar has also made available RenderMan, a free, non-commercial version of its proprietary 3D rendering software. Click here to download.

Just add time, work and creativity, and you’re on your way!

Here’s a quick overview …

Image: Courtesy Pixar/Khan Academy

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