NBC’s New Afterlife Drama ‘The InBetween’ Is a Bit of a Letdown

‘The InBetween’/NBC

When I saw the commercial for NBC’s new hour-long crime-solving series The InBetween, I was immediately intrigued. It seemed that this was a show about solving crimes with some help from people who have died. And the whole in-between aspect hinted that this might have something to do with a Purgatory-type concept. So I eagerly tuned in to see just what was going on here.

The InBetween’s premise is kind of confusing

The show’s main character is a 20-something woman named Cassie, who works as a bartender and often experiences unpredictable visions that have to do with crime cases her detective foster father is investigating. These visions, though, are a lot more of a psychic/clairvoyant nature than anything with a bent toward Christian concepts of the afterlife.

It seems that in this show, some people get stuck in the InBetween after they die. By the end of the second episode, it’s still not clear what this InBetween scenario really means. But after Cassie hints to one dead guy that he’ll go to hell once he’s out of this InBetween, he says that he doesn’t think it’s as simple as that.

Equally unclear is the rhyme or reason behind how Cassie’s visions work. Sometimes she just sees people; sometimes she’s actually experiencing the same things that the crime victim experienced. And conveniently, whatever she sees just happens to go along with the case her foster father is on … not in any kind of a clear or obvious way, but in a convoluted, puzzling way that ekes out the storyline into a full 42-minute episode of detective-ing. The show is otherwise unspectacular.

Apart from the confusing nature of the premise, I’m not a huge fan of the somewhat ditzy main character. She seems to just be kind of floating along through life, coping with her visions and also hooking up with her coworker. Also, her foster dad? He’s “married” to another dude.

And Then There’s the Spirit Girl

Also, there’s a spirit preteen-girl side character named Abigail (it’s unclear if she’ll be a regular on the show or not) who is dead after her grandpa killed her in a pretty messed-up abuse situation. There are all kinds of cringe-able issues here: Abigail talks about how she’d love to kill her newborn baby sister and describes what she’d do to her graphically. Then, Cassie says, “Oh don’t do that. Focus instead on your twisted, sexually abusive grandpa who’s in jail for accidentally killing you.”

Cassie then delivers a message to the grandpa, saying that his dead granddaughter will smother the breath out of him someday. And then as Cassie leaves, she fondly watches as Abigail begins to choke the guy (unseen to everyone but Cassie) out in the prison courtyard. Fun stuff.

I’ll be skipping this one

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting a clear-cut, theologically correct portrayal of the afterlife here. Nor do I think that’s necessarily a must for a show like this to be good. But it’s hard to even know what the rules are in this world, after watching two whole episodes. If the moral and story quality were good otherwise, I’d be interested to see exactly where it goes and just what their idea of life after death is.

But between the confusing afterlife premise and the overall mediocrity here, I’ll have to pass.

The InBetween airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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Adrienne Thorne is a Catholic mom, blogger and screenwriter.

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