Pop Sensation Sister Cristina on Lady Gaga and Singing for $1M on CBS’ ‘The World’s Best’

Sister Cristina, ‘The World’s Best’/CBS

Ursuline Sister Cristina Scuccia, who won The Voice of Italy in 2014, makes her second appearance tonight — Wednesday, Feb. 20, at 9 p.m. ET/PT — on CBS’ new reality-competition series The World’s Best.

The show, which launched after the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, with host James Corden, brings in performers from around the globe, judged by Americans Drew Barrymore, RuPaul Charles and Faith Hill, and by a panel of international experts. The ultimate prize is $1M.

Sister Cristina, a twentysomething Italian, wowed the judges on The Voice of Italy, and became a social-media sensation, for reinterpreting pop songs. Here’s her The World’s Best performance of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

Over at my Pax Culturati blog, I have a new email interview with Sister Cristina (she doesn’t speak English fluently), in which she talks about why she chose Born This Way, and what she’d do if she met Lady Gaga — who, despite some views out of line with Church teaching, considers herself a Catholic:

Why did you pick Born This Way to sing at the show? What does it mean to you?

Born This Way deals with the theme of diversity, and, in my opinion, it is important to remind everyone that despite being different, we are as precious as we are, because God does not make mistakes with anyone, exactly as the song says. We live in one evolved society that often tends to make differences and exclusions due to life choices or simply because the other is different from us.

Instead it is good to remember how diversity can only be an instrument of enrichment towards one another, can serve to build a more colorful world where everyone can bring his own color and we should not be scared of them!

Lady Gaga has a Catholic background — if you haven’t met her yet, what would you most like to talk to her about?

Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists, and what strikes me, and I mostly like of her, in addition to her extraordinary artistic skills, is the courage with which she shows her great humanity. If only one day I had the honor to meet and talk to her, first I should contain the emotions and then I would ask her for advice and ideas to make the message of love that I carry everywhere through music even stronger (artistically speaking) and accessible to everyone (not only those who believe in God)!

She talks a lot more about God, fame, the Church and her message to young people. Read the whole thing here.

Image: CBS

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