Roma Downey Goes Digital With “Sincere” Faith & Family Saga

Roma Downey has teamed with producer Will Packer to bring author Karen Kingsbury’s faith-based saga “The Baxter Family” to her LightWorkers Media streaming platform.

The 20-plus-book series tells the story of John and Elizabeth Baxter, and their six adult children, as they find strength in faith and family to face life’s challenges. It’s sold over 20M copies worldwide.

In a 2016 story on, Kingsbury said:

Working with Roma Downey to see the Baxter Family become a TV series is the most exciting thing to happen in my entire career. In her capable and talented hands, we all believe the Baxter Family will become a longstanding beloved series that will run for many years to come. My 25 million readers have been begging to see the Baxter Family on TV, and now their dreams will come true.

The first season of the series, to be called “The Baxters,” will feature 12 episodes of 11 minutes each, and be available on the digital platform.

From Variety:

“We explored many avenues for this show,” Downey told Variety. “We believe digital is the way to bring it to life.”

Downey said the Lightworkers platform was the right venue to tell the story in which the family’s abiding faith and spiritual themes do not have to be watered down in a generic fashion.

“By making it ourselves it gives us a creative freedom we wouldn’t have elsewhere,” Downey said. “These characters are sincere in their faith, and that sets them apart from other stories.”

Packer also emphasized that he’s not looking to make just feelgood faith-friendly content:

“There’s a void right now,” Packer said. “A lot of what is circulating out there right now feels watered down. People want content that is rooted in truth. We’ll have endings that are not always happy.” Packer added that the production is an opportunity to “take some chances with new voices” on the writing staff.

Downey and Packer are hoping to start production this summer.

Image: Courtesy LightWorkers

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