Tell Us About Your REAL Catholic Family


What prayers really work in Catholic families? How are you keeping your kids in touch with the Faith? What parishes are doing the right thing for families? What do your holidays look like, grace at your dinner table, your Holy Days of Obligation, your times of prayer, or when you’re just having fun together?

In the previous blog post, we looked at a recent study about Catholic families — how they pray, how they worship, who they are, and what matters to them.

We all know that there are many challenges facing moms, dads and kids in the modern world, stresses both internal and external. The entertainment industry has its own idea of what a “real” Catholic family looks like (which seems more like a stereotype from decades ago than anything recognizable from today). The problems are evident, but one way to fix problems to find out what’s working well, so that it can be shared with others.

So, we’d like to do our own informal survey to learn the good news about Catholic families today.

Using the email address, send us a short comment on what’s great about your Catholic family (100 words or less) and a photo if you have one. We’ll then take some of the best entries and showcase them in a future blog post.

Everyone knows what’s going wrong; we’d like to know what’s going right.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Please respond by March 31.

Image: The Holy Family, by Belgian artist Joseph Paelinck, circa 1820, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

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