Telling Great Stories in Film

IMGP7706About once a month we at Family Theater we are asked to read and give feedback on scripts from friends, colleagues or even people whose only connection is through our websites.   There have been a few gems over the years.   Often there are elements within the script that are very interesting, but that are not developed well.   The inspirational value of the life of a saint’s saga can be lost in a poorly structured story.   The truth of a poignant moment can be drowned in expository chatter rather than being revealed in image, sound and just enough dialogue.

Catharsis, founded by industry veterans Barbara Nicolosi and Vicki Peterson, is an organization that hopes to renew the art and craft of storytelling in film.  They are putting on a weekend conference, Making Movies that Matter,  March 8-9, 2013 in Chaska, Minnesota.   To get a sense of the wit, knowledge and insights that may be part of the weekend, check out Barabara’s Blog on Patheos, Church of the Masses.

Their website says:

A big part of our mission statement is to be a bridge for new creative voices coming from outside the Hollywood enclave.  We believe that there are great stories to be told from all over, and we want to do everything we can to help writers and producers ready themselves and their work for a hearing from the mainstream entertainment industry.