Telling the Story: Rome Media Expert at Family Theater



Father Willy Raymond, CSC, with Ashley and John Noronha of The North America College in Rome, Italy.


We have the greatest message there is, the Gospel of Jesus Christ,the challenge is communicate that in the media world today.  Ashley Noronha conducts media training for seminarians at the North American College in Rome and for priests and other Church professionals.  She also serves on the staff of The Pontifical Institute for Social communication and the Rome correspondent for Relevant Radio.

At Prayer and Pasta last week she presented an introduction to the material she teaches.  Anyone may find themselves face to face with a reporter asking questions of faith.   That moment is not one to fear but to see as an opportunity to share the good news.

Her skills were especially important in the recent transition in Rome with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis.  Not only did she give over 40 media interviews herself, but  many of her students and clients also featured on television and radio.