The Conjuring-Faith Friendly Horror Film Draws Opening Weekend Top Box Office Spot

Too scary for PG- The story not gore makes it so.

Too scary for PG- The story not gore makes it so.

The Conjuring opened last weekend as number one at the box office according to Variety, beating out  the summer big blockbusters and shocking some critics.

The Conjuring is a decently crafted film, directed by James Wan (The Saw series), who in spite of his blood and guts pedigree demonstrated amazing restraint, which really served the story and the audience well.   “The audience?” you ask, “Wouldn’t they rather have more body parts and gore?”  The Conjuring succeeded in part because of its appeal to people of faith who are attracted to a compelling story and who may be put off by the excesses usually found in horror films.  

The film’s R rating is not for graphic sex, extreme foul language or even for violence.  It was given because it is a psychologically scary story, that may be too much for some teens but it will attract discerning adults as the ratings prove.  The Los Angeles Times reported the morning after opening weekend, that 59% of the people who saw the movie were over 25, not your usual horror crowd.  

The film portrays an intact, loving, committed family who are threatened by a force of evil which attacks, tries to separate and do harm.   The evil is identified by another couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who likewise have a sold and supportive marriage relationship.   Spoiler Alert–  The faith of the Warrens gives them insight, courage and motivation to help save the day.

The Conjuring is not  for kids or the faint of heart.  However it is a film for people and parents who know all too well the threat evil poses and the need for help, human and supernatural to protect their homes and families.