‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Star Clarence Gilyard Jr. Says ‘I’m Blessed’ at World Youth Day Krakow

Brasil-meets-walker-texas-ranger-cropWe’ve been following the adventures of actor (“Matlock,” “Die Hard,” “Top Gun,” “Walker, Texas Ranger”) and Holy Cross Family Ministries (Family Theater’s parent organization) board member Clarence Gilyard Jr. at World Youth Day in Krakow through pictures.

Click here and here to have a look.

But he also wound up on film, as part of the July 30th episode of WYD Central. Have a look (the segment begins at the 6:24 mark). He discusses what he’s doing at WYD, his second career as a professor at University of Nevada — Las Vegas, and why, if you ask him how he is, he’ll say, “I’m blessed.”

Image: Courtesy Fr. Willy Raymond

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