What’s Your Story? Catholic Media Pros Share Personal Journeys (and What’s Next!)

Joseph-Nesta-Immaculate-Heart-Radio-Nancy-Usselmann-Daughters-Saint-Paul-Patrick-CoffinFrom the beginning of the time, one thing holds true — everyone’s got a story.

For Catholics, some of us are cradle Catholics, others are converts, and others are reverts (baptized Catholics who left the Faith but came back). These stories have been the backbone of EWTN’s “The Journey Home” for many years.

In our “Faith and Media” series, we’ve been talking to Catholic media figures about media evangelization, the importance of family prayer and so on. But we also asked them about their own faith journeys.

Or in the case of  podcaster, author, speaker and radio host Patrick Coffin, how he wound up at the 2016 Religious Education Congress in Anaheim, where we recorded this first round of interviews.

Two other subjects more directly address their personal story of faith.

Sister Nancy Usselmann,  national director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies talks about what brought her — a pop-music and movie fan — into the Daughters of Saint Paul, which lets her talk about Christ through media, as a “cultural mystic.”

Joseph Nesta, the senior community relations officer for Immaculate Heart Radio speaks from the heart about how Catholic media brought him into greater knowledge and practice of the Faith.

We just finished a new round of “Faith in Media” interviews, so keep your eye out for future installments with “Catholic Answers Live” host Cy Kellett, blogger and former CBS News journalist Deacon Greg Kandra, moral theologian Pia de Solenni of the Augustine Institute, “Papal Ninja” Sean Bryan of “American Ninja Warrior,” and Bishop Kevin Vann of the Diocese of Orange.

Image: Courtesy Family Theater Productions/Sister Nancy Usselmann/Patrick Coffin

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